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Hey Pete!


We sent our 4 best fleeces off to Nationals -

Got 4 blues and a Color Champ - - -   and - - -  the "Classic Cup"

which they award to the farm that sent in up to 4 fleeces, and got the best total ribbons!


Great job of laying out those fleeces and no second cuts - skirting was easy - awesome!!!


Couldn't have done it without you -


Linda & Rus



Thank you for the super special job you did for us in shearing our animals.  You met our expectations for a calm atmosphere and nice looking animals and fleeces.  Your girls are exceptional animal and shearing handlers, please let them know how much we appreciated their work and care for the animals.  After a day or two the girls settled back down and by day 3 are having babies again.  I think they knew that you like Alpaca and wanted to take care of them.  Please put us on your calendar for week 3 or 4 for May 2017 shearing.  If you have folks wanting a recommendation, we are happy to speak with them and share our positive experience.  Thank you again for treating our animals like princesses.




Richard and Anne Phillips

Prairie Moon Alpacas

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